Yandy Smith Net Worth $15 Million – Biography and  Wiki

It’s going down in season 4 of Love and Hip Hop which has become one of VH1′s biggest series. The show has spawned several spin offs including Chrissy and Jim, Love and Hip Hop Atlanta and now a supposed Los Angeles version featuring Tyga and Blac Chyna.  Despite the show’s raunchy direction with all the drama, name calling, fist fighting, hair pulling and lawsuit Yandy Smith has kept it classy through it all. She remains the show’s only original star.  It’s Yandy’s life long hustle and upbringing that helped her remain respectable through all the wretchedness. New York native Yandy Smith is mostly known for appearance on the mega hit series Love and Hip Hop. But before the series Yandy was a hard working women in the industry. She has worked with some of the top rappers and musicians in the game. Missy Elliott, 50 Cent, LL Cool J Busta Rhymes and many others called her their manager. She worked under Mona Scott at Violator.


Yandy-Smith-Olivia-Ok+Magazine+5th+Annual+Fashion+Gj6XrC4z6ttl-300x210She’s also a well educated business woman. She paid her way through college at Howard University. In her final two years of college her mom wanted her to be independent so she made Yandy pay the rest of her way through college. She worked two jobs, one as a bank teller at Wachovia and the second job was part-time at a clothing retailer in Georgetown. Yandy was inspired to go to college from the show Different World.

Yes, I knew it was just a TV sitcom and only recounted a fraction of the HBCU experience, but I was still fascinated, leading me to Howard University in Washington D.C. Once I settled in at HU, I felt right at home.Yandy-Smith-Season-3-Supertrailer-Show-Performance-VH1.com-Google-Chrome-122013-50019-PM

After college she started managing Jim when he was signed to Warner Bros. His relationship with the label didn’t workout due to what label deemed unacceptable behavior he was dropped but they kept her on as a music consultant. There she met Mona Scott the creator of Violator Entertainment.

yandy-smith-Baby-Talk-Show-Clip-VH1.com-Google-Chrome-182013-110618-PMFor a few years Smith worked in Los Angeles for Warner Brothers music. There she helped manage Jim Jones. After Jim left the label to do his own thing she stuck with him and she also ended all of her other business connections to focus soley on getting his rap career a re-boost. Through her friendship with Mona-Scott the two landed Jim and his girl Chrissy on the series Love and Hip Hop.

Yandy+Smith+Ok+Magazine+5th+Annual+Fashion+vxYiGVcXVB7l-221x300In 2008 she was named Billboard’s Top 30 Executives Under 30. Yandy has stepped outside of the entertainment industry and became the President and Brand manager of Everything Girls Love. It’s a lifestyle brand that sells jewelry, accessories and is an online blog.

Currently she is dating Mendeecees Harris and the two have a child Omere who can be seen on the latest season of Love and Hip Hop. They were engaged last season and the viewers got to see the depth of their relationship as it was tested through all sorts of drama. Mendeecees is definitely overprotective after getting into a fist fight with Yandy’s cousin over photos and he is loyal. In the season finale Mendeecees turned himself in to NY authorities and was arrested on Drug trafficking. Rumors did surface that he could be facing 15 years for his crime. Yandy and Mendeecees are still engaged. Smith also has custody of Mendeecees’ son by another woman.

Among the dozens of things that Yandy has her hand in, this little lady has also executive produced a movie! Partnering with her good friend, producer Noel Calloway, Yandy took part in the movie Life, Love, Soul. The film starred Basketball Wives’ Tami Roman, TV and radio personality Egypt Sherrod, as well as TV and film stars Chad L. Coleman and Jamie Hector.

Omere Harris Love and Hip Hop’s Golden Child


Omere-Harris-Yandy-new-years-eve-300x300Omere is set to inherit a fortune from his mom and dad who are both major players in the music industry. Yandy Smith has worked in the music industry for years and racked up a net worth of $15 million. Mandeecees.his father on the hand is also worth a pretty penny. He owns a popular recording studio in the Bronx and gets paid for usage by producers and artist. He also manages several rap artist including Vado and Webstar. Before his dip in the music industry papa Mandeecees was selling real estate. So this cute precious baby has something nice to look forward to. I can imagine this kids sweet 16 party.




Yandy-Smith-Omere-TALK-TO-THE-HAND-INTRODUCING-OMERE-HARRIS-Black-Celebrity-Kids-Google-Chrome-122013-64101-PM-300x298The 6-month-old was born on July 16, 2012 at a healthy 7lb 9oz. Smith was ecstatic about the birth of her son saying, “My greatest accomplishment in life was my most difficult task in life. With God and my family we did it. I will forever remember this day 7/16/12. It was written in cursive for this king to exist.”