Tahiry Jose Biography

Facts: Born in Harlem
100% Dominican
Ex Boyfriends: Joe Budden, Fabolous
Net Worth: $300,000


tahiry-jose-225x300Tahiry Jose is the ex-girlfriend of bumbling under rapper Joe Budden. Her ethnicity is Dominican but she was born in Harlem New York. She went to John Jay College and studied Criminal justice. But her interest in the subject fell short when she was approached by a photographer for a men’s magazine. He asked her to do a couple of test shoots for him. Being a little skeptical she never got in touch with him after their meeting. A few months later while she was in a night club she bumped into the same guy again. This time her friends were with her and encouraged her to do it. Both of her girlfriends joined her for the test shoot to make sure there was no funny business. Within a week her photos were sent to King Magazine where she was asked to do a spread. From there it was a rap for Tahiry Jose.

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As the cover model for KING magazine, Tahiry generated one of the highest selling editions and has also graced the pages of many other magazines, including Complex, XXL and VIBE. It wasn’t long before men noticed Ms Jose. She was approached by budding rapper Joe Budden.

TAHIRY JOSÉ explains how she and Joe Budden met:

This is my side of the story, by the way. We met at a club on a boring Sunday. Joey strategized the whole night, watching me turn down a bunch of guys. He sent his friend over to talk to one of my friends. That didn’t work, and then he went up to my friend and started talking her. So, he invited us to breakfast and he started talking to me. I made it clear I wasn’t interested, and I thought it was uncool that he was talking to my friend and now he’s talking to me.


But that was all a part of his strategy. Days later when we continued to hand, we went bowling and he was really touchy-feely, and it felt good. It was kind of like, “Oh, shit, this is happening?” [Laughs]

tahiri-jose_0627_b2-200x300After the first date Tahiry explains she didn’t think he would ask her out again. Well the two became a serious couple. Their relationship was buzzed about all over social media and blogs. There were rumors of infidelity from both and claims that she was only a gold digger. But because of Joe’s unfaithfulness she broke it off.

She also dated Fabolous prior to Joe Budden and this was while he was with Emily from Love & Hip Hop!

Tahiry is now working on a line of gym apparel, a fitness DVD and focusing on acting lessons.

Tahiry, most recently, is showing off her acting skills in the 2012 drama-thriller Interludes. Tahiry is proof that brains and beauty can successfully mix.