Celebrity Name : Michael Jackson

Also Known AS: Michael Joseph Jackson

Birthday: 29-Aug-1958

Was Born in: Gary, IN

Gender: Male

Ethnicity: Black

Sexual Preference: Matter of Dispute

Employment/Job Title: Singer

Political Affairs:

Country: United States

Detailed Information: King of Pop; Michael Jackson

michael_jackson_bio_wikiMichael Jackson also known as the King of Pop has sold nearly 14 million albums since his unexpected death in 2009. He sold more albums after his death than during the last ten years he was alive.

Jackson’s digital sales skyrocketed immediately after his death and are still going strong six years later with over 25 million digital sales. The albumXscape” that Timberland produced featured eight remixed songs that were previously unreleased.

The album sold very well, and the first single called “Love Never Felt So Good” that featured pop sensation Justin Timberlake has been certified gold and was a top ten single. Michael Jackson’s song writing was praised by critics that also said Jackson’s music can stand the test of time.

The buzz of the 2014 Billboard Music Awards was the performance of one of Michael Jackson’s singles from the hit album “Xscape.” At first it was thought to be a hologram of Jackson, but afterwards it was revealed that it was a performer imitating Jackson on video, but still it highlighted how much the late star is still loved and missed by his many fans.

Michael Jackson is also a social media star. He has many Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Instagram followers, which is a measure of how popular he is today. He has more Facebook page likes than several top stars such as Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift, Katy Perry and Bruno Mars.

In 2011, Cirque du Soleil featured Jacksons’s and music and choreography in their “Immortal World Tour.” It is one of the top ten grossing tours of all time. Cirque du Soleil also continues to sell out their “Michael Jackson ONE” Las Vegas show that premiered in the summer 2014.

The documentary called “This Is It” that was based on Jackson’s rehearsal for his comeback tour that never happened due to his death became a top grossing documentary of all time.

Undoubtedly, if Michael were alive today he would be topping the charts and delighting fans across the globe.