Celebrity Name : Leonardo DiCaprio

Also Known AS: Leonardo Wilhelm DiCaprio

Birthday: 11-Nov-1974

Was Born in: Hollywood, CA

Gender: Male

Ethnicity: White

Sexual Preference: Straight

Employment/Job Title: Actor

Political Affairs:

Country: United States

Detailed Information about Leonardo DiCaprio:

Leonardo DiCaprio has been a celebrity for many reasons, but lately he has been becoming a famous star due to his popular filming projects. His filmography is long and ranges from comedy to drama, and some of these films has even lead him to award nominations but he has no awards till now which causes some humor among celeb caps.

In 2011, DiCaprio played the title role of J. Edgar, which may have started him on his recent leading role, box office hit trend. The next year he made an appearance in the Jamie Foxx film, “Django Unchained,” where he played stereo-typical southern plantation owner. In 2013, DiCaprio made a splash as the iconic Jay Gatsby, playing with Toby McGuire and Michelle Williams as the mysterious man with a tendency to throw lavish parties. His performance, along with the artistic interpretation of the film, made it a hit, and while it didn’t win any awards, it earned much praise. That same year, DiCaprio starred in the outrageous, but award nominating film “Wolf of Wall Street,” of which he was also a producer. The film earned him nominations for Academy Awards Best Actor and Best Film, but unfortunately he didn’t win the awards. However, he did win a Golden Globe for Best Actor in “Wolf of Wall Street.” In 2014 he was in a film, “Virunga” which released in selected theaters. This year, in 2015, DiCaprio is currently filming “The Revenant” which is set to release around Christmas time.

Aside from the film industry, DiCaprio has made an appearance on the popular “Saturday Night Live,” on the episode “Jonah Hill/Bastille.” home

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