Erica Mena Biography | Net Worth $2 Million

  • Ethnicity: Dominican/ Puerto Rican
  • Birthplace: Bronx, NY
  • Birthday: November 8, 1987
  • Zodiac: Scorpio
  • Ex-Boyfriends: Fat Joe, Fabolous, Akon
  • Girlfriend: Cyn Santana
  • Son: King Mena
  • Baby’s Father: Raul Conde
  • Appeared on Khloe and Kourtney Take Miami…worked at DASH Miamierica-mena-love-and-hip-hop-ny-season-3-gumbumper Mena is now an official cast member onSeason 3 Love and Hip Hop. The video vixen was known for her feud with Kimbella on season 2 which later turned physical. She is now being managed by Rich Dollaz. Rich was the sole manager of Olivia, who has been in constant battle with getting her career to take off. Even after such success with the show Oliva is still riding the waves. But Rich Dollaz maybe had the complete opposite luck with Erica.

erica-mena-2013-300x300Love and Hip Hop season 4 returned to television October 28th and has returned to the top of twitter’s trending topics with so many comments about Erica’s new girlfriend Cyn Santana. Erica is just about as ratchet as it gets from her child neglect allegations of her son, her loud and overbearing behavior which has landed her in the middle of constant drama with former cast mates Lore’l, Olivia, Kimbella, Somaya, and now K. Michelle is ready to whoop that a**. But she’s had a very painful childhood like most people but as an adult she acts out all of her anger and aggression in the most wrong ways.

Fullscreen-capture-10222013-122144-PM-erica-mena-son-king-300x300Erica’s mother was pregnant with her while she served time in jail. Her mom was in prison for selling drugs. She served three years and was arrested just shortly after she found out she was pregnant with Erica. Her father was the reason her mother started hustling. As Erica explained in her tell-all book her mom was given a job by her father’s nephew who asked Erica’s mom to drop off a package and the package happened to be several ounces of cocaine and Erica’s mom was caught. While her mom finished, her sentence Erica was raised by her grandmother in the Bronx.  Her father played a small role in Erica’s upbringing he made over $100K in one year selling cocaine and marijuana but he refused to help Erica’s mom support her. This twisted upbringing could be the reason Erica shows little affection towards her son.

Screen-Shot-2013-10-21-at-6.32.18-AM-cyn-santana-erica-mena-300x296Erica claimed that while she films Love and Hip Hop her mother is raising her son in the Bronx. But it’s Erica’s next door neighbor who has been babysitting. Her six-year-old son is named King, and his father Raul Conde claims Erica is a horrible mother but if that’s the case why doesn’t he take custody of the child. She was also in a long term relationship with XXX actress Suelyn Medeiros. Erica is currently dating 21-year-old Cyn Santana.

Cyn Santana is a video vixen. Cyn has dated Drake, and the couple broke up in 2013. They met on the set of 2 Chainz No Lie music video. They were spotted at several outings together including the Jordan Classic basketball game front row. Cyn used to dance at the Houston strip club Dreams and now she’s only dancing for Erica.

Beef With Co-Star Lore’l

But now as the season continues her shake up with friend and rapper Lore’l is being revealed. The two were hanging out at a nightclub with boyfriend and manager Rich. Erica urged Rich to take her home after she felt insulted that men tried to approach her in the club. She blew up in front of him and Lore’l and once they got outside Rich let her have it. He felt insulted that she embarrassed him in public as if she controlled him.

Fullscreen-capture-1162013-100542-PM-love-lorelHer friend lore’l agreed with Rich and told her to cool down. Erica wasn’t having that so Lore’l hit below the belt and said “Are you going to hit him in the neck like your baby daddy?. She was referring to an old video that got out on world star of her getting into a physical fight with her ex. Since then, both girls have not talked to each other, and Lore’l has been running around to blogs and media outlets spreading rumors about Erica. The show is still being filmed as we speak so we may get a chance to see the effects of her rumor spreading.

Lore’l and Rich are still close believe it or not. They were friends for years since the two of them worked at Bad Boy Records. He managed a few artist, and she handled paperwork in the Bad Boy building.

Fullscreen-capture-1162013-95551-PMSince her small stint on the show, last year Erica Mena has been on the cover of several top men’s magazines and been featured in 7-page spreads. She began on MTV in a contest she won as J-Lo’s look alike. She was only 14 years old when she won. Immediately following her first television appearance video directors and rappers approached her about being in their shoots. Her career elevated along with a plethora of rumors that she was sleeping with Fabolous and other top rappers at only 16. She was doing video shoots with no pay just to get close to celebrities.

Denying all allegations against her Erica Mena assures us that she is an independent woman.